Laugh Your Abs Off


Laugh Your Abs Off!

 The hilarious new diet book by America’s Fitness Comedian Tim Wilkins

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From fad diets to magic pills millions of Americans say they have tried everything to lose weight yet their bodies, and frustrations, continue to grow. Why can’t they seem to shed these unwanted pounds? For many they are constantly looking for an easy way out and most of these diets and supplements are beyond unrealistic; they are downright silly!

The time is now for a book that offers to tone and tighten our abs by laughing, and learning, about the world of diet. As the fitness comedian, Tim Wilkins has written a book that is to the fitness industry what “Funniest Home Videos” was to its unsuspecting victims, a hilarious wake-up call.

With chapters like: Take it off real slow, You are what you drink, Cut the cheese, and Cheat in Moderation, how can you go wrong. Big laughs and a smaller waist await!

Whether teaching his motivational comedy show “What’s So Funny About Fitness,” giving healthy cooking tips as an award-winning TV Chef, or hosting live fitness events, Tim mixes his messages about eating lean with some fat laughs and feeds them to audiences starving for both.

I’m sure we can all say without hesitation, dieting sucks. The only thing worse than dieting is doing it over and over only to lose weight, then gain it all back…plus more.  Food companies and the media certainly don’t make things easy for us. All of the marketing dollars and slick campaigns lead us to foods that are bad for us. “Eat this candy bar and get more energy.” “Drink this beer for a better life.” You never see a commercial that says, “Eat broccoli, get laid.”

In Laugh Your Abs Off, Fitness Comedian Tim Wilkins separates fat from fiction when it comes to fad diets, hundred calorie snack packs and the lies of a billion dollar diet industry preying on people desperate to shed unwanted pounds.

Lesson 1: There are no quick-fixes! The only way you are going to lose a lot of unwanted weight overnight and keep it off is divorce. And even that can take 60 to 90 days depending on how much you have to lose.

If you have tried everything to get in shape and at this point don’t know whether to laugh or cry, problem solved! It’s time to learn, laugh, and live better!

Here is some amazing praise for Laugh Your Abs Off!

Tim’s laugh-out-loud recipe for adding a little humor while removing unwanted calories from your diet is genius.  Packed with interesting facts and commonsense advice, this book offers the knowledge and motivation to clean the engine and change that spare tire – Martin Rooney, Fitness Expert and Best Selling Author of the Training for Warriors series

Your book is truly a refreshing new way to build abs and improve mood. The message of the book will land on all ears because we get to laugh our way to health.  Who couldn’t love that? Tosca Reno, Diet Expert and Bestselling Author of the “Eat Clean Diet” Series

“Losing weight can become an emotional rollercoaster with a lifetime of diets and yo-yoing. Tim Wilkin’s reminds you not to take yourself or weight loss so seriously. After all, laughing burns calories! He makes you laugh while giving simple advice of what actually works long term in his new book, Laugh Your Abs Off.” – Rachel Cosgrove, Author of The Female Body Breakthrough & Owner of Results Fitness  

About the Author:

Tim Wilkins is an internationally recognized stand-up comedian, fitness speaker and writer, and an award-winning healthy TV chef.  As a comedian he has appeared on Nickelodeon, HBO, Sirius/XM Radio and in concert with some of the biggest names in music and comedy. As the one and only “Fitness Comedian” Tim is a frequent speaker for events big and small. He has written for top magazines such as Muscle and Fitness and Natural Muscle, and hosted premier bodybuilding and fitness events seen on networks ESPN2, FoxSports, and TLC.

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