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After years of helping people with their training and diets Tim decided it was time to blend his two passions, comedy and fitness, to really spread his message about healthy living. Now, almost 15 years later, he is a keynote speaker for corporations, colleges, and at some of the biggest events in fitness including the IDEA World and Perform Better Summits. He has been seen blending funny and fitness on ESPN, Fox Sports, and TLC, hosting the Mr. Olympia, Ms. and Fitness, and on the pages for Muscle and Fitness and Natural Muscle magazines. Tim is looking forward to the release of his highly anticipated book, “Laugh Your Abs Off!- The funniest diet you’ll never be on”.

If you are trying to positively impact the fitness of your employees, friends, or students be sure to call on America’s Fitness Comedian!

Keynote Speech or Workshop:

Laugh Your Abs Off! – A hilarious way to learn about healthy living

Are you ready to actually enjoy learning about diet and nutrition?

Laugh Your Abs Off! doesn’t make fun of fitness, it makes fitness fun by combining Tim’s years of training and diet expertise with the skills he developed over two decades of performing on comedy stages around the world. LYAO is an opportunity to laugh and learn about living better by exploring topics such as; —

  • The myths about diet and exercise
  • Fad diets
  • How the freshman ‘10’ becomes the senior ‘50’
  • You are what you drink too
  • The Road Less Eaten…nutrition advice for travelers
  • and much more about the challenges we all face with trying to find our way to a healthy life. This show is a great way to learn how to not just add years to your life but life to your years.

Fitness Emcee

Tim has hosted both professional and amateur bodybuilding and fitness events since 1998. His experience as an entertainer combined with his love of the sport keeps shows fun and entertaining like no other. This ability has made Wilkins one of the most sought after bodybuilding and fitness emcees in the industry. After hosting regional bodybuilding events throughout Florida, Tim was given the opportunity to host the Jan Tana Classic and Masters Mr. Olympia and took off from there. Jan Tana said she had found a ‘rare gem’ and invited Tim to host every year thereafter. Representatives from Weider Nutrition, (now Weider Publications) saw Tim’s hosting and emcee abilities as a great asset and asked him to host the most coveted bodybuilding shows in the world, the Mr. Olympia, Ms., and Ms. Fitness Olympia, in Las Vegas.

Lou Marino

In November of 2004, In Demand Pay-Per-View aired the contest featuring Tim as the host, along with sports celebrities including pro-wrestler, “Triple H,” icon Sylvester Stallone and bodybuilding icon, movie star, and California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The international bodybuilding event is currently being played and available for purchase on in Demand. Weider also hired Tim over the years to host other events at the Olympia and Arnold Classic including the “Battle of the Biceps”.tana


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